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Sheradyn – Drama Essay ~ No sugar (Jack Davis)

The play No Sugar by Jack Davis has various themes and issues covered in it. My understanding of society helps with the meaning of this text, through multiple aspects. These aspects are shown in the text through various themes/issues. These themes portray society and help with my understanding of No Sugar. The themes/issues are as follows; colonialism, economic depression and the patriarchy society. All these topics were a big part of Davis time, and when he wrote the play. This is the reason that we can see these issues portrayed through his play. Racism is a big part of his play and in the era when the play was written as well, and it’s shown not as a separate issue but is portrayed
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Colonialism is clearly evident through this text, so because colonialism was evident in Davis’s time we can understand this part of society, which helps me understand this piece of text where colonialism is shown. It helps me understand this text by showing its purpose, which relates to the main point of the play, they have ‘No Sugar’, so racism.

Another issue that is present in Davis time is the economic depression. That is, the Great Depression. The great Depression was from 1929-1932, so while this play was being written. Many people were without homes and jobs. There was lots of poverty, sickness and people living on the streets. There was not a lot of money around at the time, due to lack of over seas trading. Many husbands/fathers went away to find work in other places, leaving the families alone and the mothers and women having to do everything. It was very hard and stressful times. We can see this portrayed in this play, when in Act one, scene 7, Milly and Gran have gone to get their rations, and there is not a lot for them. For starters they cannot get any blankets but also they don’t get any meat. “Milly: You forgot our meat order. Sergeant: No meat this week. Milly: What? Sergeant: Finished; in future no meat is included in the rations. Gran: Why? Constable: There’s a bloody depression on. Milly: What are we going to do for meat? Constable: There are plenty of roos and rabbits.” In this passage we can see, the connection between the
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