No Time At All Johnny Smith

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Johnny Smith wanted to live in America. So one rainy day he crossed the border from Mexico into America and started to avoid the police. In no time at all Johnny Smith found himself a stable job and home and decided that he might as well get a driver’s license so that it would be easier to get around in America. Studying he was successful in getting his driver 's license that now showed he was an American Citizen. This allowed Johnny Smith to become deeply integrated into America and improving upon hiding from the police. He could now drive without worry and move further away from the Mexican American border. Alexis Sue was drowning in bills and taxes that Johnny Smith was not obligated to pay since he was not a registered citizen in America. Being a mother of two kids and works three jobs to keep the house they are living in. One day she realized she was fired from two of her jobs. The people she was working for found illegal immigrants to do her job for less money. Now Alexis Sue suddenly becomes evicted from her home and her children are being put up for adoption on the grounds that she could no longer give them a home. No longer will she ever acquire her five year old sons’ smile or hear her seven year old daughters laugh The United States of America have had open borders all throughout history. Accepting Immigrants with open arms, except during Work War I and World War II, with strained relations throughout all of the countries. When Communism was spreading all
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