No Trailblazer Was Found During 9 / 11

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No Trailblazer Was Found During 9/11 Brayan Aguilar University Of Massachusetts Boston I will be revising the third paragraph, as the comments show that I wasn’t clear with my claim of the intelligence agencies being very unaware of the damage they have caused while they are trying to fulfill a mission. The way I’m going to rewrite this paragraph, is to give evidence from the text to support my claim rather than give a brief summary of a chapter. No Trailblazer Was Found During 9/11 People tend to carefully hang a frame in their minds as if they were, they had just moved into a new home. As soon as people hear something that favors their perspective from what the claim is a legitimate source, they would argue, that whatever that source is saying, is true. “Every narrative make assumptions about how the world works, what is important, what makes sense, what should be. All frames are selective because they are based on decisions about what to include and exclude,” (Schudson, 2011). Schudson’s remarks about how people from certain perspectives frame a certain event by his theory being “Frame Theory”. Frame Theory in Schudson terms, is that everyone frames something in their own image, whether doing it subconsciously or purposely, it’s instinctive to human nature. This can be amplified by the media, stereotypes, and by one’s own belief. James Bamford, who wrote the novel “A Pretext of War” had made the strongest impression of criticizing the Bush
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