Noise Pollution Case Study Solution

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Noise Pollution Your Particular Case Study: Table of Contents: Click here to jump to the right spot. Research Notes Background on your topic: Your topic: Provide Solutions: Resources: Storyboard Rubric Starting Point for Research Research Notes Background on your topic: Why is the ocean so important? (Food webs, oxygen producer, CO2 sink etc.) The ocean is important because it is a home to many different animals that all survive through the food web. Most animals survive by feeding off of one another. Oceans hold 97% of the Earth’s water and they produce more than half of the oxygen in the atmosphere. They contain phytoplankton that produce oxygen …show more content…

Give a specific example. Noise pollution from ship traffic or oil and gas exploration harms whales by damaging their hearing, and can cause internal bleeding or even death. How is it caused? Noise pollution is caused by loud ships that pass over animals below, and industrialization. Factories of the coast of the ocean make very loud noises and misdirecting sounds that affect all the animals in the ocean. Military sonars and ship traffic also cause noise pollution. Case study: What effect is it having on a particular species, in a particular location, etc. How is it affection marine life and ecosystem health? (Think of macromolecules, an organism's place in the food chain, etc.) It has a negative effect on whales as the loud sound can kill them or they can get lost. The sounds mislead them and they will swim to shore. This is particularly in areas like the Great South Channel off Cape Cod. What is causing the problem in your topic? Ocean noise pollution is caused by many natural things, but also made by man made things. These causes include ocean floor sounds, propeller noises from ships, ship traffic, and sonar communication from submarines and other ships. Explain how our increasing population plays a role in this type of pollution.. The world’s population is increasing and it’s affecting the noise pollution in a negative way. Because the population is increasing everyday, humans build more factories and make

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