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Nokia 8 Review Nokia has been renowned for making mobile devices over the year and has released a new Smartphone the Nokia 8. The phones packed with amazing features from a powerful chipset, dual camera, to a QHD display. The downside is it comes at a high-price and struggling to stand out with other well-known brands. Pros • Outstanding design • Has a dual-sensor rear camera • Amazing QHD display Cons • Expensive • Not waterproof • Small sized fingerprint scanner In 2017, Nokia returned to the smartphone market, where it met a rather warm reception of a whole generation of mobile users. In their other devices the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 have their advantages, but the flagship model is the Nokia 8. The components and functionality of this device …show more content…

That's why the Nokia 8 will be carefully studied against the backdrop of competing Smartphones. For the most part, the Nokia 8 stands out from other brands. However, the lack of taste might find users looking elsewhere. You receive an aluminum and glass design with curved edges and barely noticeable plastic antennas from above and below. Around the double camera is a small aluminum bezel and under the screen is the Home button with a fingerprint scanner that does not click. On the side of the home button, there are the capacitive Back and Recent apps available. When you switch from OnePlus 5 to Nokia 8, you immediately notice a fundamental similarity. There are quite a few Android Smartphones with similar looks, so it's bad that Nokia did not make enough effort to change the looks to something new. The Nokia 8 lies perfectly in the palm of your hand. Compared to frameless screens sold these days the appearance of this phone can be considered obsolete. The device is more similar to the products sold in 2015 than the ones sold in 2017. The case is impressive and weighs 160 g, the thickness is 7.9 mm, but the smartphone does not look large. There is not a large screen and the case could be more

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