Nokia Product Categories

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MARKETING MANAGEMENT November 2007 Nokia cell phones have been arranged into four different categories, according to use, price, need etc. The four categories are Multimedia, Business, Lifestyle and Connect and each category contains several different phone models. Here for this exercise, I shall evaluate these different business units in relation to the 4Ps model of marketing. 1) In what way are the 4P issues different in Nokia 's different mobile phone business units? The business units were created as a means of product segmentation. Each of these units caters to a different market segment and has a different target audience. Concerning product development, each of these units sets out from a different starting point. The…show more content…
The N-series phones are mostly distributed through channels that are perceived as "hip" and "new". A very good example of this is for example the new Nokia flagship store in Helsinki which is a showroom for most Nokia phone models. Here customers are surrounded by a hip atmosphere which would especially appeal to these young, urban consumers who are the target group of the N-series phones. The atmosphere of the store is in synch with the image of the phones, so it is an ideal situation for getting them to buy the phones. As to whether or not promotion has played a part in getting the consumers to actually buy the phones is a bit more difficult in the case of multimedia phones. Of course sales volume plays a part, but it is not necessarily directly related to the effectiveness of promotion. Instead we can measure factors such as the amount of times particular applications are used. For example, say the N95 phone offers an application to download the daily wind report to your phone, we can calculate the amount these downloads increase due to a promotion. This will give some indication of the effectiveness of promotion in multimedia phones. The third business unit is the connect unit, that makes phones for
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