Marketing Plan for Smart Phone

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Marketing Plan for Stylister Smartphones

Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS 3 Customers 3 Competitors 3 Company 5 Context 5 SWOT ANALYSIS 5 Strengths 5 Weaknesses 5 Opportunities 5 Threats 6 OBJECTIVES 6 MARKETING STRATEGY 7 MARKET SEGMENTATION 7 TARGET MARKET 7 POSITIONING 8 MARKETING MIX 8 Product 8 Price 10 Pricing and Profit Margins 10 Place 11 Promotion 13 Marketing Budget 13 REVIEW AND CONTROL 14 MARKETING ORGANIZATION 14 CONTINGENCY PLAN 14 BIBLIOGRAPHY 15

HCL, a 35 year old enterprise, founded in 1976, is one of
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While wireless penetration in urban areas has increased significantly over the last few years, rural and semi-urban areas continue to be under-penetrated. The medium segment is likely to be the fastest growing with 240 million handsets in 2014 (Source: Analysys Mason).
Amazing products and features: HCL is planning to provide some outstanding features like multi-touch, cloud storage and Google play store.
Low cost of production: With its plants located all over India, HCL bears a low cost in production due to availability of labour at cheaper rates.
Effective promotion campaigns: HCL has been promoting its products through famous celebrities and will approach some for our smart phone.
Experience of tablets and laptops: HCL has prior experience of manufacturing and selling laptops and tablets.
Weak brand image in the market: HCL has still not been able to enhance the brand name in the market.
Weakness in tier 1: HCL has always a weakness in TIER 1 sectors.
Increase penetration in Smart phone market: Since HCL has not yet entered this market; it has a very huge opportunity to establish itself in this market.
Entry into international markets in future: HCL has the potential to make its presence felt on the global scale eventually, as it establishes itself in the domestic market.
Increasing competition from local and international players: With well-established players like Nokia,

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