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Name – Sunita Uikey
Roll No - 155
Subject - Research Methodology

Exercise 1: Make up 3 different situations in which motivation to work would be an independent variable, moderating variable and dependent variable.
Solution -
Dependent Variable -

A manager observes that motivation to work among the Employees is increased if he increases their working environment, Salary and perks.

Independent variable-
Performance of employees increased if they are motivated.

Moderating Variable-
For employees having second source of income/salary, the motivation may or may be a driving factor
Intervening Variable-

Employees perform better if they are provided with good working conditions, better pay i.e.
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The article that he read on job performance frequently mentioned four variables as important to job performance; skills required for the job, rewards, motivation and satisfaction. In several of the articles it was also indicated that only if the reward were valiant (attractive) to the recipients did motivation, satisfaction, and job performance increase not otherwise.
Given the above situation, do the following:
1) Define the problem.
2) Evolve a theoretical framework.
3) Develop at least 6 hypotheses. Solution :
Problem statement: How can the job performance (output) of the employees be increased through enriched jobs and rewards?
Dependent Variable (DV): Job performance of employees

Independent Variable (IV): Skills required for the job, rewards.

Moderating Variable (MV): Attractiveness of the rewards

Intervening Variable (IVV): motivation and satisfaction


Motivation, Satisfaction (IVV)
Motivation, Satisfaction (IVV)

Job Performance or Low output of employees (DV)
Job Performance or Low output of employees (DV)
Skills, Rewards (IV)
Skills, Rewards (IV)
Attractive Rewards (MV)
Attractive Rewards (MV)

Hypothesis: 1) Employee job performance will increase or decrease if they are given attractive rewards. [Relational hypothesis](IV effecting DV positively or negatively). 2) Job skills and Rewards will improve the job performance and output of the employee. [Causal hypothesis]. (change in IV

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