Non Fiction Narrative Essay: Kanye West

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Will Capron
Mrs. Underhill
Honors ELA Core 2
2 February 2015
Non Fiction Narrative Essay

It was a dark and rainy night on the streets of LA when all of the sudden, CRASH! Two cars collide head on, leaving Kanye with a broken jaw, unconscious, in the hospital and his mouth wired shut. Awful for anyone, but for him, a rapper, who uses his mouth for a living, how will he ever get through? Haunted by memories of his mother who just recently passed, and crude jokes made by the SNL cast, West needed something, anything, to keep going. Fortunately, for him he found “Power.” Earlier in the night, Kanye West was out at a bar, feeling like he was the king of the world. Buying shots for his friends and showing them his new line of clothes, while also bragging about the new chain of restaurants he just bought. However, West believed he could drive home, and that was his big mistake. Now, lying in the hospital bed with his jaw wired shut, with nothing to do, nothing to say or rap, he found the “Power.” Using this very difficult time in his life to use as motivation for his new song, “Power.” “How 'Ye doin'? I'm Surviving
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Growing up, Kanye West lost his father at age 3 to a divorce that left him and his mom struggling. Her being an English professor at a local school on the Southside of Chicago, meant that there would not be much coming in. Living a poor life as a kid with really only his mother to help him, meant that she would would be a major influence on his life. So when she died on November 10, 2001, Kanye West needed the “Power”, and he needed it badly. And once again, it struck. Adding on to what he had already, Kanye West took this very difficult time and put it into something that would not only help him, but would relieve him. “My child-like creativity, purity and honesty is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts”

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