Non-Vaccination Case Study

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Vaccines prevent more than 2.5 million deaths each year (Global health, 2014). The big question, is it ethical for the government to mandate vaccinations for infants and children to be vaccinated? Many people are pro vaccination because they feel that their children will be impacted by non-vaccinated children they may come in contact with, and that the non-vaccinated child would impact their family, friends and the area population. The government does not go into the nursery area of a hospital and force immunizations on all the babies born there, nor do they require the pediatricians to give an immunization series to children when they come in for their wellness checkups. The government leaves the option out to the parents. However, the …show more content…

He told me that he had a full time secretary that was assigned to go over the immunization paperwork and make sure that all the students were fully immunized and that they had provided needed documentation. If the student did not have the documentation, then my step dad was given a list of the students that were not properly immunized and he had to send a letter to each parent of those children requiring them to come to the school and sign a document stating that they were unwilling to vaccinate their children. He told me that in the beginning, the paper work asked if the refusal was because of religious, medical or ethical reasons that the parent refused to immunize the child. But he said that over a period of time the paper work just changed to a refusal to immunize their children. He went on saying that the parents were given an ultimatum stating that if there were an outbreak of any disease that is covered by immunization, their child would be immediately suspended from school until the outbreak of the disease was declared to be over by a state medical authority. He told me that this was his job and since the people that he worked for and state law required his enforcement of this rule that he did this. He also told me that this was a huge dilemma for …show more content…

The big issue is, does the government have the right to mandate immunization? We mandate that a child has to be in a car seat, that they can’t use alcohol, tobacco or drugs so should we mandate preventative protections. This is the ethical question, does the medical field, or the government have the “right” to force a parent to give their child immunizations for disease that can be prevented? This will be discussed for years and no matter what the decision is there will be people on both sides of the issue. Some will say that the government needs to “force” parents that will not take proper “care” of their child to immunize them or penalize them. Then the other side of the issue will say, we have rights and it is not the governments concern to force immunization. Whether you agree or disagree, the child is the major concern in the discussion. They have really no say in what happens, and they are forced to follow whatever their parents feel is the correct direction to follow, an infant cannot say “I want the immunization” or “I do not want the immunization” and the parent that feels that the immunization causes autism or some other type of disease or their religion is against immunization or other medical care have their rights and they are allowed to express what they believe is

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