Non Verbal Communication And Nonverbal Communication

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Most children as young as preschoolers are able to effectively communicate what they want and how they feel despite not having the vocabulary wealth of an adult. Nonverbal communications play a significant role in helping us understand their needs and wants, their frustrations and excitement and also their pain and sorrow. I will show how children can become involved in End of life decision making and why they can be considered competent with a little assistance form parents, physicians and councilors depending on the age and situation of the child.
For years we have considered children incapable of processing the concepts of death and dying and have used terms like, “he has gone to a better place”, “he is sleeping” etc. to explain death to children. We have also used silencing techniques on children and in the process, have failed at actually knowing and understanding how they perceive death and in turn what they want and how they want to spend the last moments of their life e.g. As per the book titled, “When Children Die”, “Preadolescent children are rarely, if ever, asked if they want the medical care their physician and parents decide is best for them. No one asks a 6-year-old if he wants an injection. He is told that he is going to get one and what it will feel like.” Both Kastunbaum and other resources have confirmed that children, even very young ones are aware of death and experience separation anxiety. Some are also curious to know more even though they may not

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