Nondiegetic Music Of The Doors In The Scene Waiting In Saigon

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Nondiegetic music of the Doors in the scene waiting in Saigon

Sound plays a significant part in all movies and one of the most interesting of all the sound techniques would be the use of nondiegetic music. In the movie Apocalypse Now, there is a double disc soundtrack with thirty tracks on it. The one song on there that has the most meaning would The Doors song “The End”. This song not only set the mood for the scene waiting in Saigon and the move as a whole but is also used to foreshadow the death of Coronal Kurtis. Mr. Coppola, the director of the film, was a genius for picking this song to represent the movie. It not only fits the movie with the sounds of helicopter but the words alone have significant meaning to the movie. Along …show more content…

This music is used to bring a hallucinatory intensity to the movie. Without the song in the background all we would see is the destruction that the war had on the jungle. With the music we get more of feeling of the destruction that it had mentally, not only physically on Willard mind. We get the sense that Willard knows something that we as viewers don’t and is trying to forewarn us that something is going to end. The first spoken words of the song add the needed intensity to the sequence and the whole movie. To let the viewers know that something is going to end. Whither it is the end of the war, or the end of a life.
As we move into the montage sequence of shots, the music words are used to express what we are seeing on screen. Mr. Coppola uses the rest of the sequence to foreshadow what is going to happen at the end of the movie. This is the main function of the song in the movie, which is to get the viewers mind thinking about the end of the movie. It starts out with an overlapping dissolve from the burning jungle into Willard’s burnt wet face. As the dissolve leads to Willard’s face we hear the song say, “I’ll never look into your eyes…again.” This symbolizes death. We get the sense through the music that someone, either Willard or someone else in the move, is going to die. The music is still playing as we get a delusional view of what Willard is thinking about. Then we get to another shot where we see a

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