Australian Rules

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Ladies and gentleman, the film Australian Rules is simply impossible to overlook as Australia’s entry into the international film everything that a proper ‘Australian’ film should, drama, romance, action and deceit. It portrays cultural differences that create segregation between the fabrics of society in a town that doesn’t possess the capacity to co-exist which is evident in urbanized Australia.
My name is ______, and I am taking it upon myself today to tell you, the good people of the Australian Film Board that ‘Australian Rules’ is capable of earning great accolade at the international film competition and doing Australia great favours in the eyes of the international film community.
The director, Paul Goldman, has achieved what he
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The same applies to a dramatic scene where the music may be deep and frantic to convey to the audience the feeling of anticipation. A scene i would like to focus on is the scene in which Garry and his father have a final ‘showdown’, if you will, at the front of the house. The scene consists of the father imposing himself on Garry and proceeding to continually beat him down time after time only for Garry to rise up and face his father on each occasion. This scene evoked a feeling of pride and admiration from the audience as to Garry’s courage and determination to convey the message to his father that he is ready to stand on his own two feet and defy him. This is a very powerful scene within the movie which initiated powerful emotions within the audience. All of this was accomplished with the notable absence of music of any form. The omission of music in this scene created an atmosphere in which the dramatic affect was amplified due to the silence.
The use of symbolism is clearly evident throughout the film. From the contrast of the colours on the team’s uniform which many believe to be a hidden symbol of ‘unity’ as such, to the final scene of the movie which entails Garry and Clarence swimming in the ocean in what appears to be a yin-yan formation. One notable use of symbolism in the film is that of the ‘fruit and nut’ bar. This symbolises the fathers role in the family, as something simple as a bar of
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