Nonprofit Ceo And Chair Partnership : Developing A Cohesive Board

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The Nonprofit CEO and Chair Partnership: Developing a Cohesive Board
All nonprofit organizations (NPO) are required, by law, to have a board of directors who act as the governing body of the nonprofit. Board governance is the overall responsibility for the performance of the organization. Boards exist to ensure that a NPO runs properly, has integrity, protects its stakeholders, and assures competent management with evaluations that provide accountability for their actions and performance. The basic structure of a nonprofit is divided into governance and administration. A nonprofit board chair serves as the executive leader of the organization’s board, while the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the top staff administrator
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The organization who will be discussed in this paper is currently evolving from a grassroots phase to a growth phase. As this nonprofit prepares to embark on another strategic planning phase, the CEO and chair are aware that the role of the board is moving through its own phases of growth as well. The organization is no longer in its early stages of development, as such, leadership has self-reflected and is committed to amending the organization’s vision to take it to the next level. The CEO and chair are focused on providing the board the tools needed for appropriate management and effective governance as it moves through this stage in its lifecycle to the next. The leadership of this nonprofit is committed to maintaining a strong and constructive partnership which will assist in keeping everyone focused on the mission, foster the further definition of board members roles and responsibilities, introduce a performance evaluation of the board, honor legacy/founding members by instituting a legacy board, and provide additional resources and documents which strengthen the communication of the board’s fiduciary role.
This research was conducted in March and April 2016, by one-to-one qualitative interviews with the CEO and board chair of a NPO that provides support to homeless women who are pregnant and in crisis. Since 2005, over 150 women have been provided with residential accommodations, life skill classes,
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