Norma Liendo : Failure Framework For Analysis And Valuation

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Norma Liendo
MODULE Framework for Analysis and Valuation When you hear the phase financial statement analysis, one wonders what is stands for. financial statement analysis is one of the most important part of any company to be successful. The reason companies rely on financial statements is for the company to come profitable even if the company is small or large. When companies use financial statement, it helps them to see if they are being profitable, by being used in different areas and reviewed by different departments. Chief Financial Officer and other executives use financial statements in order to monitor the growth and its process, so if they need to implement new ideas. When they agree on future project they will probable look at the following improvements, buying a new building to move to, redesign their old building, order more merchandise that is selling rapidly, and I think the most important one is to reward employees with bonuses. Some companies are in the stock market business and with financial statement will help to continue to be on track. Investors, who rely on financial statement to decide if they should purchase or trade their stocks. Creditors are people who review loans of any business wanting to get a loan and by reviewing the company’s financial statements, they can decide how much money will be granted, how long the loan needs to be paid and what interest rate will be given. Last of all, the regulatory agencies who manage and conduct audits so
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