Normative Ethical Relativism

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The objective of this essay is to provide reasons as to why normative ethical relativism provides an unattractive view on the nature of morality and why it should be rejected. In order to see this negative relationship, this essay will identify three features of this theory that makes it problematic.

The first problematic feature of normative ethical relativism is based on the claim that moral principles cannot be validated on a universal level. This means that different cultures should be free to establish their own principles and basic values as a foundation for morality. As a result, correct moral principles are based on the views of the majority or predominant population. Therefore it would be wrong for any minority group to criticise against the moral views held by the majority population in a society at any given time because the minority will always be wrong in virtue by default because they hold the minority view. It is easy to see why this feature is problematic. This feature in practice leads to inequality and unfairness towards the people within a society. This may result in minorities being faced with a great danger of being oppressed by the majority. An example of this is Nazi Germany and the holocaust. This feature is contradictory with the main message behind normative ethical relativism in terms promoting equality among all.

Because minority criticism against the views of the majority does happen, this feature of normative ethical relativism is criticized
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