North America Development

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Developments for English North America/British America progressed at an extremely rapid rate during the 17th and 18th centuries. Some of the events that took place basically shaped, changed, and had a significant impact on history at that time and the future of the country. This is in reference to the society, economy, culture, politics, and relations with other nations. Although most of the occurrences consist of tragedies, war, and revolution, it was just the beginning towards a new nation with “democracy”. Right now, I want to go into detail about the important year of 1675 for English North America. There was a certain war that was devastating in the English colonies. It is still known to this day as one of most destructive wars fought …show more content…

This dispute acted as a catalyst for the start and progression of the 14 month war that caused permanent damage for everyone involved. “The war permanently altered the political and demographic landscape of New England. Between 800 and 1,000 English and at least 3,000 Indians perished…” (American Yawp, 3). Another critical event to focus in on as well was Bacon’s Rebellion. Thomas Mathew was in debt to the Doeg Indians in which he refused to pay up what he owed them when they came over to collect. The Indians took it upon themselves to take a few of Mathew’s pigs so they would be even. But word got around that the Indians had stolen these pigs and the Colonists weren’t going to let the Indians push them around. This incident caused a numerous amount of raids/counter-raids that were based off of revenge. Innocent lives were lost from both sides which sparked a small group of colonists to deal with the issues themselves in defense of their families and homes. Sir William Berkeley, the Governor of Virginia, eventually put a stop to the “madness” crushing them in defeat. “But the conclusion of Bacon’s Rebellion was uncertain, and the maintenance of order remained precarious for years afterward. The garrison of royal troops discouraged both incursion by …show more content…

It was mainly this paranoia of another civil war where we begin to see the beginnings of legalized racism in the colonies. A few solutions for “servant problem” came about like make it go from servitude to slaves, white to black, and also enfranchisement. Slaves at weren’t recognized as a human being, they were known as property who belonged to a master. The House of Burgesses actually took it one step further by passing race-based/anti-miscegenation legislation because of tobacco prices, the economical struggle, and the social revolution that was unfolding. For example, slave marriages weren’t recognized by law or religiously, slaves couldn’t be masters of a household, and “…enslaved men and women struggled to establish families and communities” (American Yawp,

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