North American Slavery

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Alexus McCray
Professor Martin
History 117_04
2017, March 10 History Of The U.S. To 1876 Midterm Examination 1. The pressure that was led by the Europeans presence was the main attribute to the creation of an economic motive for the warfare. The desire brought to a desire to dominate the trade among the Europeans to gain unlimited access to the goods created by the Europeans (Solar et al. 6). However, the European disease led to increasing the death rates within the Iroquois Confederacy as many lost their lives trying to fight for the colony. These high rates of death brought up the need of replacing their population with the captives brought them to battles with their fellow tribes. No tribe could, of course, agree to let their people …show more content…

It was because of the rapid population growth in Europe due to the agriculture development and the land enclosure system, which made many landless people migrate. Due to the increase need of labor, the North Americans welcomed immigrants as they already had the experience to work in the tobacco fields (Michael et al. 33). The slave trade among Africans also was at its peak, which led to many African leaders selling their followers to the Americans to go and work for them to pay the debt they owed them. These factors resulted in very many immigrants moving to the northern America, and the overall result was the availability of cheap, abundant labor in the Americans farms.
Slave labor represented a significant proportion of the labor part of the North America in the 17th century. It is during this period that the African American proportion in the Northern America grew exponentially although it was a minor global slaving network trading network (Taylor & Scott 23). The majority of the slaves were exported to Brazil and Indies as the need for slaves in the British colonies varied from regions where they mainly exported tobacco in comparison with the New England (Michael et al. …show more content…

The issue of ethnicity is vital to the growth of an economy in the determination of the language that will be spoken widely. It is only by language similarity that people will be able to work together peacefully because they can understand each other easily (Panayi & Panikos 48). The language also determines the social and political organization in a particular place because it is through language that people can agree on the rule of the land and even marry between different races and religions. Lack of a defined ethnic group in Northern Americas resulted in conflicts among the original occupants, the Africans, and the Europeans

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