Reasons For Conflict Between The Indians And The Native Americans

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There are many reasons that the Europeans and the Native Americans didn’t get along. In the works that I have examined and read throughout this module, the relationship amongst these two groups had not been a good one from the beginning. The main reason for conflict between the Europeans and the Native Americans, it seems, was the Europeans greed and desire for land and power. The many cultural differences between the Europeans and the Natives also caused frequent clashes and rifts between the two groups that often led to destruction of land and people, and sometimes resulted in blood – shed, war or captivity. The Europeans not only wanted the Natives land when they arrived, but they also brought a sense of superiority and a string of diseases with them. These diseases are what would soon aid in wiping out most of the Natives tribes. …show more content…

Many Native American women held upstanding and high positions within their tribes and made very important decisions for the entire tribe within it. While the Natives valued women as warriors and decision makers, the Europeans did not view women as someone to be in a position of power. They instead chose to subject their women to bearing children and staying in the home. We can even see Mary Rowlandson, a woman herself, in her work The Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson look down on Weetamoo, a woman warrior with a high position and profile in her tribe. Though you could never tell from Rowlandson’s depiction of her that she held power and influence: A severe and proud dame she was, bestowing every day in dressing herself neat as much time as any of the gentry of the land: powdering her hair, and painting her face, going with necklaces, with jewels in her ears, and bracelets upon her hands. When she had dressed herself, her work was to make girdles of wampum and beads.

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