North And South Analysis

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As declared by both Senator James Hammond and Hinton Helper both the North and the South knew about their economic divergence. While the North manufactured almost every item of utility and adornment, the South’s economy was mostly based on agricultural products such as rice and cotton. This vast discrepancy between both sides forced them to develop in a conflicting manner that sooner or later would lead to conflict. For the South, its fertile soil and flawless weather for agriculture had the optimal circumstances for large-scale farms and crops like tobacco and cotton. On the other hand, the North with its abundant natural resources and climate made its economy flourish without the need of hefty plantations that required a lot of workforces. …show more content…

With the controversy surrounding slavery, the chains binding both sides together were weak. It was a question of morality, even though the need for manpower existed, the slaughter and torture of human beings is a crime forbidden in humanity. Every massacre and genocide from the indigenous people to the Jews in World War Two should never be pardoned. An individual is not an object, and skin color is not in the definition of “human”. It is like in the treaties with the Native Americans, after every bloody war a new treaty emerged and after some time, it was infringed. They were regarded as dumb or inferior; in addition to being vulnerable. Their practices and contributions to society had an immense contrast compared to the ones of the people in the United States; withal, just as important. On the other hand, it would be erroneous to say that the only impetus the North had for abolishing slavery was based on integrity. As industrialization continued in the North, the need for cheap labor to fill factories surfaced. Northerners saw slaves as a potent way to have workers; nevertheless, they would have to abolish slavery in the South to gain them. It was all a war of interest and sovereignty, whoever had the reasons that were most accepted in the human ethics,

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