North Korea Persuasive Speech

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Imagine if you and all the citizens that live in the United States were completely banned from leaving. Well actually in some places like North Korea this really happens. It wouldn’t be fun stuck in the U.S. your entire life with no vacations and no meeting relatives that might be living outside of America. For me personally I would hate being stuck in the U.S. for life and to top it all off less food and higher taxes! Life would be pretty hard wouldn’t it? WELL OF COURSE IT WOULD! It would be very difficult to feed and clothe your family if there is higher taxes. Being stuck in the United States without being able to visit family from other places would be bad enough in itself, but the government raising taxes and making food a higher price is insane. This has started riots, protests, fighting which results in injuries. If you even attempt to escape the United States, there will be serious consequences such as beatings, jail time, and… know what happens. The president doesn’t stop any of this because he especially gets payed loads. What caused all this to happen, you ask? Well fortunately for you I have the answer to that. One peaceful and quiet day everyone was happy, but then out of nowhere there was an explosion. Tons of explosions! The invaders conquered all of America and changed the laws to the point where nobody could ever exit the country. Soon they built a brand new army with a new government, but the same president that decided to join the “bad side” all

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