Essay on North Shore Oil Exploration and Drilling

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North Shore Oil Exploration and Drilling

There is some evidence that oil exists under the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This has led to a huge debate as to whether or not companies should be allowed to drill for this oil. A law was passed by congress in 1980 that states “production of oil and gas from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is prohibited and no leasing or other development leading to production of oil and gas from the [Refuge] shall be undertaken until authorized by an act of Congress.” If these oil companies do succeed in abolishing this law, then a land that has stood virtually untouched would be destroyed for what the United States Geological Survey has estimated is only 6 months worth of oil.

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Congress would have liked to time the drilling in ANWR in correlation with the highest world market prices for oil. Since those prices are so hard to predict, America feels like now is as good of time as any. Elliott Negin, spokesman for the Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington, said “the oil in ANWR will have no effect on the global price of oil because it is to small an amount.” Even pro-drilling lobbyists agree that the amount of oil in ANWR would not affect America’s oil problems. Why then do they continue to lobby pro-drilling in the refuge?

What are some benefits of drilling in ANWR? Unemployment is currently at an all-time high. With the establishment of oil rigs and drills around the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, there would be a total of 700,000 new jobs for Americans. True, these jobs will disappear in a few decades when the drilling in completed, but maybe by then there will be new opportunities for the workers. By drilling in ANWR, we would reduce the amount of imported oil by 5 percent which is equivalent to one year’s total imports. It would also keep the price of gas lower here then in other countries around the world. In response to the argument that this is undisturbed country, the Inupiat people have lived there for centuries, using hunting and gathering techniques. Even the Inupiat Mayor has publicly endorsed the idea of drilling in ANWR. He

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