Norway Country Research Paper

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Have you ever wanted to go to or just kind of learn about the country of Norway and how it is? Well you're in luck I have to happen to Be an expert on all about Norway and why It is what it is. I have done lots of research in the topics of Norway concerning lots of important topic in concerning Norway. There is a lot of information surrounding Norway's land forms there is an abundance of them as well. Norway has lots of mountains, glaciers rivers , and along the coast there are fjords. The weather as well as the climate is a very interesting topic in Norway there is some unique things that only can happen here. The vegetation is scattered all over Norway there is different plants all over Norway. Norway also has a very complex system of government and laws that all of the citizens must follow. This is just a little bit of the information that will be included in this paper about the …show more content…

The region where the most vegetation is located is in the South west region of Norway. Along the rivers in Norway there is a certain kind of plants that grow. Along the rivers grows lots of kinds of mushrooms and lots of wild berries like blueberries, lingonberries , and cranberries. In Norway all of the forests cover a large portion of Norway the forests cover ⅕ of all of Norway's land. There is a very large portion of fir and pine trees all over Norway. Most of the deciduous trees are all located in the south west portion of Norway. The trees in the south west are the Oak trees, ash trees . Hazel trees, elm trees, and linden trees. On the coastline of Norway also has its own kinds of trees that lay here. On the coast line they have lots of scotch trees ,and Norway spruce trees. There also some trees that grow all over Norway in just odd places such as birch trees, alder trees, aspen trees, and Mountain ash trees. This is the all of the vegetation that make all of Norway so

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