Switzerland Research Paper

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Switzerland is best known for its chocolate, cheese and its Alps. However, its also known for its amazing and universal healthcare. So what makes Switzerland’s healthcare so efficient? This research paper will examine certain factors that contribute to the overall successes of the Switzerland healthcare system such as out-of-pocket expenses, health statistics, the organization of healthcare, the distribution of responsibility between the federal and local governments and the income tax structure. By analyzing these elements, the strengths can be appreciated and new ideas can be formed to fix the current flaws present in the system. No healthcare system in the world is perfect; however, it can be improved by cooperation and understanding…show more content…
Therefore, the government plays a significant role in the socialized healthcare system. The system's responsibilities are divided between federal, cantonal and municipal government levels. The 26 cantons and 6 half-cantons, which are like states, are responsible for the healthcare present in each canton. It licenses providers, arranges and manages hospital services and subsidized institutions and individual premiums. The federal government regulates the overall payments and finances, ensures the safety and quality of medical equipment and pharmaceutical drugs, supervise public health initiatives and supports medical research and training. The municipalities are responsible for nursing homes and social support for susceptible groups (Commonwealth Fund). Although the entire population, which was 8.42 million as of January 1st 2017, is covered, all citizens have to pay some out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare treatments and provisions. Patients have to pay 10% of the total medical bill. According to World Bank, 26.8% was the out-of-pocket health expenditure (% of total expenditure on health) as of 2014 (World Bank). No free treatment exists and the fees are very high. All patients who are citizens must an excess fee that exists between 184 EUR (219.47 USD) to 1,350 EUR (1610.21 USD). In addition to this payment, they also have to pay 10 percent of the overall medical cost. Only pregnant women are excused from this fee. Patients also have to
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