Not All Deviant Acts Are Criminal

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Deviance affirms cultural values and norms, it also clarifies moral boundaries, promotes social unity and provides jobs to control deviance. Deviant behaviour is contextual in nature in that cultural differences make it very problematic to define deviance. One may ask this question on deviance, are humans genetically predisposed at birth with the characteristics that make them act deviantly, or do the people around them influence them to act this way. This writer seeks to expound on the fact that deviance is not only criminal and will also highlight the causes and circumstances where individuals end up exhibiting deviant behaviour. Deviance is defined by Haralambos (2006) as acts which do not conform to the norms and values of a…show more content…
The Christian religion practiced in this writer’s society also promotes the inequality by stipulating that men are the heads of the household and women are supposed to be submissive to their man. This is explained in the bible used by the Christians in Ephesians 5 verses 25 and 26. In this verse, women are supposed to be submissive to their husbands whilst the husbands are the heads. The interpretation is that the man has overall say over his wife or to some extent even sisters. This status usually ends up with the man being abusive and inequity also takes place. In reaction and to some extent retaliation, the women become deviant. They may stop respecting the man, they may start behaving in a wild manner, dress the opposite and many other contrary actions that to counter the patriarchy kind of rule. In the social set up, this deviance will not be criminal but results in some labelling. The radical feminists argue that patriarchy promotes deviance. In this writer’s society, women serve men in all aspects be it household chores and sexual conjugal rights because of the norms of the area which are highly patriarchal. The resultant effect is that man are in most cases abusive to the extent that they batter their wives if they find no cooked food at home or if their clothes are not washed and ironed properly. As a result of the abuse, women become rebellious and act otherwise resulting in them being labelled deviant because of non-conformity with societal values
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