Not All Voters Care About The Same Things Essay

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Not all voters care about the same things. Although in Newark in particular, there was an adamant consensus that crime, low school performance and lack of housing options for the poor were pressing issues that plagued the community as a whole. When there is a community that all continues to have the same problems, it becomes explicitly obvious that same promises can be choir without a concern of alienation. What seemed evident between Cory and Sharpe was that it was a matter of making people believe such promises. There was no need to alienate any voter by advocating for issues that would harm other constituents. In fact, it was clear that it was a race for credibility and popularity. Even more peculiar was the presence of two Democrats who were both black having to fight for a particular demographic. Fighting to prove one 's blackness. A heavy presence of racializing the campaign would have perhaps not appeared in the same matter in a multi-ethnic sunbelt city in fear of alienating voters that did not fit in the descriptor of black. Instead Newark as a dense black city, the campaign demonstrated the importance of unpacking race issues including stereotyping that are all related to how well can one relate to the voters and how important reputations is. More importantly, how do you campaign in a city that has the presence of machine politics?
Black culture is intersectional. What people think is black is heavily dependent on their education level, age, and family

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