Why Voting Is Important For Public Policy

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Voting is very essential and one of the easiest methods to influence public policy. You just need to be registered, and go to a polling station. It is simple because the government encourages people to vote, to hear a broad range of opinions. It is a form of direct democracy because when you vote, it directly affects the side or issue you support. Your vote is one more supporting opinion for a candidate or issue that is counted. Some people may think that their vote won’t make a big difference, but if you look at it from another perspective it can impact smaller and local issues. Although voting is imperative because you are given this privilege at the age of 18, it is not the end of one’s ability to influence government, but rather the beginning. Public policy is a system of laws that the government created for the citizens in order to maintain order. Public policy should be fair for all the citizens, however, on many occasions it is hard to accommodate for all races and social classes such as lower, middle, and upper class. An example of an effective method to utilize that influences public policy is civil disobedience. Let’s use the policy that imposed high taxation on tobacco and alcohol to demonstrate one’s ability to impact the government. First and foremost the policy is beneficial for the government because it generates revenue that is earned from the products, however the consequence is that it encourages illegal activity. There

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