Not Only Did The Effects Of War Negatively Influence Henry’S

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Not only did the effects of war negatively influence Henry’s actions, the theme of tragedy and the horrors of war also influence the entire Italian Army. For example, in Moddelmog’s literary analysis, the author refers back to novel to discuss the temptations that are depicted by Hemingway to give an accurate representation of the daily lives of the soldiers and the author hints at a justification for their actions:
“It might sound sordid, but during war who can blame soldiers for seeking pleasurable diversions from the gritty horrors they encounter everyday? Certainly not the Italians or their military, for as Frederic points out, there were two ‘bawdy houses’ in the town where his unit was stationed, ‘One for troops and one for
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Furthermore, this excerpt suggests that Henry develops a type of thought process capable of repeating his tragic memories. Due to this, he is able to connect with greater tragedy to develop a deeper depression. This depression eventually worsens due to the prolonged use of alcohol to cover his internal wounds. All in all, the tragedies that Henry experiences directly result in alcoholism and other bad habits, causing an overall negative depiction of war and a tragic theme. Although these many horrors that Henry suffers through greatly contribute to the overall theme of tragedy, the most horrific scenes that Henry encounters include the deaths of his wife and child. For instance, the death of Henry’s child, after he has fled the horrors of war, majorly transitions back into the tragic theme of Hemingway’s novel. In Pozorski’s literary analysis, he points to the pattern and logic in Hemingway’s novel to depict the overall methods he uses to create a tragic theme, by saying, “It appears that there are no words to convey the choking death of a child. All Hemingway provides, instead, are fits and starts when Frederic recalls his reaction to the news of this son’s death” (90). To elaborate, this evidence suggests that these tragedies hold the capacity to make Henry think religiously, even though he lacks religion, and that the tragedies also are responsible for Henry’s loss of words and scattered thoughts. This evidence relates to the theme by showing the

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