Note To Selfie By Ronald Erickson Analysis

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Technology is great! At first when technology was started to become the next big thing I have to admit I was a little intimidated, and nervous that I was not going to be able to use these software programs, or social networking because I have always been mediocre with technology. But now my mind set has totally changed about technology and I’m blown away about how much it has improved our society as a whole. Ronald D. Owston in “The World Wide Web: A Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning? Writes about the advantages we’ve gained from technology and how it has improved our education system. According to John Dickerson in “Note to Selfie”, technology to him is part of his life, and he believes that he can capture moments and memories by …show more content…

In “I Tweet, Therefore I am”, Peggy Orenstein explains how technology is a big part of her life, and how she tweets almost on a daily basis; however, sometimes she thinks she needs to limit her amount of …show more content…

Usually the use of navigation technology and leisure activities go hand and hand. Say I wanted to go to the Science Museum but didn’t know how to get there, I could use my GPS software on my phone to get directions, and also know how long it would take to arrive at the museum. Once I get to the museum tons of technology is being used to educate the visitors about the museum and its exhibits. Most museums now have a button that you can press at exhibits that will explain what the exhibit is about, so there is no need for a tour guide, and this is also beneficial for someone who is blind. You could also use the navigation technology to plan out a road trip and be able to see what routes would be the fastest to take. Using technology while doing a leisurely activity could enhance the moment, just as Dikerson said “You can live in the moment and capture it.” (256). Some people may be using technology at inappropriate times and places; such as, in a classroom, playing video games on a smart phone. Knowing when it is appropriate to use the technology and what technology to use is key.
I use technology in my everyday life for school, social networking, shopping, and to gain information. Even though I am not a very tech savvy person the benefits of technology, and how it effects my life, is outstanding, but people should limit how much time they spend using technology

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