Notes On Discovering Courage And Speak

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Chapter 1: Discovering Courage to Speak. This chapter along with the introductions sets the stage for what a reader believes is the glamorous life of bridal fashion aficionada Rani St. Pucchi. It is a dream come true for the designer who was self taught and gifted in creating the styles and gowns that the world 's most notable clamor to wear. However, as Rani reflects on her life, we 're transported back to her family 's home in Bangkok where even before she could fathom what it means, she 's told that she 's ugly, stupid and of no use. And she hears her mother telling others how her skin color, a chocolate color, is horrible. Therefore she is useless and ugly.

Chapter 2: Erecting Walls. In this chapter, Rani reveals the abuse, …show more content…

But what choice would she have?

Chapter 3: Unfolding of the Journey. Rani writes, "My sheltered life was flipped upside down with the news that I was accepted at Jesus and Mary Convent School in Waverly, Mussoorie, India. Even Mother, who often frowned at me, seemed pleased or relieved. Had this been an answer to her prayers, too, that she could finally rid herself of the unwanted dark-skinned daughter?" Because she 'd had previously been forbidden to leave the family house or have school friends, Rani finds the first year a trial, although she excels at her studies and is promoted. During a summer holiday, she overhears an aunt telling her mother how Rani has changed. Her mother responds, "Rani is still as useless as ever." Yet, this is the truth and the comment kindles a spark that changes her future.

Chapter 4: Embracing Change, Giving My Dreams a Beginning. Leaving the beloved convent school, Rani returns home and once more is treated like an ill-behaved lower-class servant while her older, fair skinned sister can do no wrong. Rani sees it is the summer of change with her first period and attending Western movies, previously barred from her life. She longs to be like the happy girls at school, however the family 's religion has strict policies, including never allowing females ' hair to be cut, although this doesn 't hold true for her privileged sister. Rani fakes an

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