Notes On Flowers And Justice Essay

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Flowers v. Justice July 16, 1996, Sam Jones, an employee that had been instructed to come in early to the Tardy Furniture company, located in Mississippi, to train new members, witnessed the unexpected. As Jones walked into the building, he found his boss, Bertha Tardy, lying on the ground along with three other co-workers, Robert Golden, Carmen Rigby, and Derrick Stewart each with a bullet hole in their foreheads. Steward, the only victim alive upon Jones’ arrival. Jones rapidly ran to a nearby business to alert the police force. Johnny Hargrove, city of Winona Police Chief, arrived first, immediately calling for backup policemen and an ambulance force. Observing the crime scene, police noticed shell casings from a .380 pistol and a large bloody shoeprint lying next to a victim. Moments following the police arrived, they received word of a burglary of Doyle Simpson’s car, a .380 pistol was stolen out of the vehicle, located at Angelica Garment Factory, also in Mississippi. A employee of this factory, Katherine Snow, spotted Curtis Flowers at the Anglica Garment Factory at 7:15 that morning. Flowers was a previous employee of the Tardy Furniture Company, he was recently fired after only a couple of days working at the company, at the time of the murders. Police questioned Flowers twice, the day of the murders and two days later, both statements were inconsistent. Shortly, after the crime, Flowers moved to Texas. As the investigation advanced, Flowers was brought back to

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