Notes On The And Its Effect On Society

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IGN - SmoovePie

Previous IGN 's (If changed in name changes) - (Both accounts shown)

Age - 14

Do you have teamspeak and a microphone? - Yes, I use have Teamspeak, and a working mic.

Timezone? - CST

Where are you from? (e.g. United Kingdom) - United States

Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)? - No.

What is your previous experience in any type of moderation? - I have moderated on Badlion, FaithfulMC, CrayoNetwork, RigidHCF, and have had the opportunity to become staff on Lotus.

How active on Voltix are you? - As it has just come out of being whitelisted I haven 't played for that long. When it was open before today I was pretty active practicing.

How many hours can you contribute per day? - 2-6 Hours on weekdays, and on weekends I will be on for a longer period of time unless something comes up.

Why do you want to be a staff member on Voltix? - I 've always loved helping out servers. I 'd love to be able to keep the server as clean as possible. I am fairly good at distinguishing hacked clients, xray (I know its practice, not HCF), and any other cheats. I know how to handle situations properly and maturely. Catching players that are cheating, and keeping the chat friendly is a very important thing to do. I will assist in making sure all players are having a great time on the server, and are enjoying the experience of playing. Helping out in Teamspeak and on the forums is something I enjoy doing. If players have any…
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