Notes On The 's ' The ' Of The Night ' And ' My Dad '

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"CASSANDRA MARIE AINSWORTH!!" my dad yelled. Oh god I 'm screwed... He used my full name.... "Y-Yes," I responded to my dad who basically had smoke coming out of his flaring nostrils. "CAN YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY YOU 'RE COMING HOME AT 2:00 IN THE MORNING?!?!" "U-Um technically it 's 1:57 in-" "NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR SMARTASS COMMENTS?!?!" my dad screamed and I flinched. "I-I was a-at a f-friends house," I managed to stammer out. "DON 'T LIE TO ME CASSANDRA AND IS THAT ALCOHOL I SMELL IN YOUR BREATH?!?!" "Maybe and I was at a party having fun if you must know," I say using my last shred of confidence. "LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT?!?!" my dad started saying. "YOU STOLE 3 OF KATES DRESSES AND USED THEM TO GO TO A PARTY WITH UNDERAGE DRINKING AND COME HOME AT 2AM?!?!" "Y-Y-Yes," I manage to say and I see my dad get even more pissed off. "You had Kate and I worried sick! You know what type of things happens at those types of parties! You could 've ended up hurt or worse, pregnant!!!!" my dad yelled at me and I felt my eyes tear up. "I 'm done with you Cassandra, you 're grounded until Kate and I feel like we can trust you again," my dad says looking like he had no choice in this matter. "You 're not allowed to hang out with any friends after school and you have to come straight home or we 're taking away your phone too," my dad says narrowing his eyes at me. I felt a tear roll down my face. "Now go to your room and go to sleep for school tomorrow. You better not

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