Notes On Variable Interest Entities

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Variable Interest Entities—An entity that does not have sufficient equity to finance its activities without additional financial support, or in which the equity investors, as a group, do not have the characteristics of a controlling financial interest is a VIE. The determination as to whether an entity qualifies as a VIE depends on the facts and circumstances surrounding each entity and may require significant judgment. Our investment funds generally qualify as VIEs and are evaluated for consolidation under the VIE model. We are required to consolidate a VIE if we are the primary beneficiary, defined as the variable interest holder with both the power to direct the activities that most significantly impact the VIE 's economic performance …show more content…

Business Combinations and Goodwill—Business combination transactions are accounted for under the acquisition method. Accordingly, the purchase consideration is allocated to assets and liabilities based on their estimated fair value at the acquisition date. The consideration for the net assets acquired is determined prior to the assessment of the fair value of the net assets at the acquisition date. We have identified several intangible assets acquired in business combinations including VOBA, acquired distribution channels and state licenses. We value VOBA as described below under Deferred Acquisition Costs, Deferred Sales Inducements and Value of Business Acquired. We value distribution channels using the multi-period excess earnings method under the income approach and the state licenses using the market approach. Distribution channels and state licenses are included in other assets on the consolidated balance sheets. Goodwill represents the excess of purchase consideration over the acquisition date fair value of net assets acquired and is included in the other assets on the consolidated balance sheets. Goodwill is not amortized but reviewed for impairment annually or more frequently if events occur or circumstances change indicating potential impairment has occurred. If the acquisition date fair value of the net assets acquired exceeds the purchase consideration in a business

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