Nsa And National Security Agency

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You’re constantly being watched over and protected, the NSA collects the data from over 75,000 people daily. The NSA, or National Security Agency, is responsible for collecting and monitoring all this data that they gather. They collect all this data to help the government as they are a government agency. They truly do help the United States by monitoring this data to help protect the citizens, but still people find a way to oppose it. Even though it might violate people 's right to privacy, the NSA helps protect citizens with their ability to collect and search through large amounts of data, and using this information from to prevent possible attacks on the United states from actually happening. Since September 11th, 2001 the NSA has…show more content…
If the patriot act was ever repealed, they would have to stop and could no longer continue to collect and gather data. By the government’s authority, they must do this even if the public despise the organization, which they do. All those employed at the NSA carry out an important job and they are trusted to protect the country by looking through hundreds of thousands data files only to find possible threats. They aren’t even that common, most of the data is most likely useless to them as it doesn’t have any information that is important to them. Having to search through all of this has to be a tedious job, but they continue to do it as they are aware that they are potentially saving their country from another terrorist attack like 9/11. The sole reason for NSA popularity is because of Edward Snowden. He is the man responsible for leaking private information about the NSA surveillance of citizens out to the public. Everyone immediately became paranoid and began to oppose the NSA. This is the reason so many people today hate it, while some still support the cause the majority was blinded by their own privacy being “invaded” as someone who is against the NSA might say. As the New Yorker states”Snowden fled to Hong Kong when he knew publication of his leaks was imminent.”, he knew he could be thrown in jail for what he had done as a former employee of the NSA. His doings have influenced the public, mainly the younger generation as they
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