Nu Jazz And Jazz Dance

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By Bianca Wyatt

Dance was introduced by king Louis, he came up with the idea of dance at a wedding where one of the very first dances “the broccoli dance” was invented, and by the the 1700s the most popular dance was ballet. Dance originated 2500 years from today, from people that believed in a magic ritual which broke the spell which apparently on a bewitched king. Many contemporary dances can go back to historical, traditional, ceremonial, and even ethnic dances.

Jazz was created in the early 20th century in New Orleans, but the main roots of jazz originate from the traditions of Africa and Europe. Some people even say that African and European music is a union of jazz. Jazz is known to have rhythm and feel. The costumes used in jazz for jazz dance performers prefer to wear a leotard and tights, the dancers prefer tight clothes because they tend to help with techniques. Most of the time if people aren’t comfortable with wearing tight clothes they just wear jazz pants which are very similar to sweatpants except that they are a little bit tighter, and jazz pants come in a variety of different sizes so they are very similar to sweatpants. The music styles in jazz can be the style of electronic, soul and mostly free improvisation. All of the above are from the genre “Nu Jazz”.

Ballet was invented in the 15th and 16th centuries. It came from the Italian Renaissance. Ballet was improved by a woman called Catherine de Medici, she was the one who

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