Nuclear Apocalypse Analysis

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1. It was a nice clear day out in the city, so I decided to go to the local cafe to get a black coffee. As i was walking i decided to take a short cut through an old alley, but halfway through the ally at the corner I happen to stumble upon a murder scene. As I got closer to further investigate the scene, I see the victims were a man and child. The man had no head, for it was laying next to the old metal trashcan that appears to have a dent in it from where his head hit it. The child appeared to be a boy maybe no older then eight or ten, with three bullet holes in his chest spaced very close together. I took a look at the boy and noticed he is barely breathing. I called 911 to report the scene, but as I do a man jumps out from inside a dumpster …show more content…

In a chaotic and desolate land, war is waged and disease runs rampant, and this welcomes the year, 2430 AD. The fourth world war had begun. After a few hundred years of peace, some of mankind was able to survive the nuclear apocalypse in bunkers and caves 1,200 feet below sea level. The leaders of the world's great nations sent out one squad of four men each, to search the surface, which brings us to the world war. Now you might be wondering if the human race is underground, then who is fighting in the war. Well, when the nuclear explosion hit and all of the reactors around the globe had detonated, it was due to one small miscalculation to the core's cooling system. Now the beings that are fighting, are mutated humans and animals. From the blast many different and strange kinds of mutants came about. Some are friendly and some are very dangerous. The ones that are dangerous are waging war with each other to gain control over land and resources. This seems very normal, I assure you, but what are these resources you may be wondering, and why go to war for them? Well you see, these resources are what keeps the mutants alive. And that is the end of the info that was received in the …show more content…

Its mid morning in Okinawa and I'm a little late getting up. Hi, my name is Shinji Abarai Shinwa and I'm in 9th grade. I just started classes last week and I'll be moving to the country side of Japan next week for work. I help out in the rice fields and if you haven't already figured it out I'm only sixteen. I'm always by my self, since I prefer to sleep in the day and stay awake in the night. It makes finding friends a little hard sometimes. But when the full or even new moon is out and it's a clear sky and the cherry blossoms are in bloom, that's when I'm at peace and why I like to be up at night.

6. To the north west of London is the estate in which I live. My name is Soul Phantomhive and with me live my butler, Frederic and the maid, Jamie and the gardener Fenny and the cook Claude and our company representative, Tanaka. I awoke at 6:30 a.m. and Frederic said "Good morning", young master. "Today's menu consists of, scones or a parfait with a side a tea." I reply, "A scone will do. As for the tea, I hope it's strong." Frederic reply's, "Very good, sir." I say, "So have you found anything out about my sister yet?" Frederic says, "No, not yet sir."

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