Nuclear Energy As The Main Option For The Future

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Nuclear energy as the main option for the future
Why is nuclear power a beneficial source of energy? Introduction
As globalization is spreading around the world, demand for energy has increased in recent years. There are different types of energy sources to meet this demand, such as solar power, wind power and fossil fuels. However, they are contributing to environmental problems, particularly global warming and air pollution.
Nuclear power is the most promising and most controversial issue, as some argue that brings enormous benefits, while others believe that it brings drawbacks for the country. Most people associate nuclear power with nuclear weapons, nuclear radiation or the threat of nuclear accidents. However, benefits of nuclear power are enormous and the problem related to nuclear power is solvable.

2. Benefits of nuclear energy in terms of
2.1 Benefits of nuclear energy in terms of Emitting greenhouse gasses to the environment
Today our world is facing several environmental problems related to coal, oil and gas. One of the most discussed topics in recent years has been the greenhouse effect, which contribute to change of worldwide climate and acid rain. The main cause of the greenhouse effect is carbon dioxide(CO_2) (Cohen 1990: 20). The Earth atmosphere’s molecules (carbon dioxide, water vapor) do not absorb visible radiation coming from sun,and Earth gets its benefits of that. However, infrared fraction emitted from surface of the land traps by this…
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