Essay on Nuclear Energy Is a Cheaper Alternative to Petroleum

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Although petroleum is cheaper, nuclear energy presents itself as a much stronger alternative to petroleum. This is because the cost of petroleum mining within the next fifty years or so will be too large to be an efficient energy source. A switch to nuclear energy may be more efficient as well as less hazardous to the environment as nuclear power plants emit much less carbon dioxide than fuel plants do. The World Nuclear Association went on to say “Greenhouse gas emissions of nuclear power plants are among the lowest of any electricity generation method and on a lifecycle basis are comparable to wind, hydroelectric and biomass.” Nuclear plants also produce a greater amount of energy since “In 2012, the "average" nuclear power plant in the…show more content…
Petroleum mining is also much safer than using nuclear energy as our country’s largest source of energy. Elements such as uranium that are put into reactors are incredibly radioactive. This is because” In general, uranium-235 and uranium-234 pose a greater radiological health risk than uranium-238 because they have much shorter half-lives, decay more quickly, and are thus "more radioactive” (EAD). .Their unstable nuclei emit electromagnetic energy that has a small enough wavelength to penetrate ones skin and a frequency high enough to alter DNA. This is a concern as events such as Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima have shown how far scale nuclear disasters can be. While this is true, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages due to the way it upholds environmental standards. One of the strongest benefits with using nuclear energy is that it is a much better environmental alternative to fossil fuels. Nuclear reactors “do not emit carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides as part of the power generation process” (EPA).
. Normal electricity plants that use fossil fuels emit an incredible amount of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere which is a huge contribution to global climate change. Many studies have shown that this change in temperature could result in melting of polar ice caps and as a result cause the flooding of highly populated areas around the world. Nuclear plants, however, use the element uranium which contains a much more significant
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