Nuclear Energy is a Dangerous Distraction

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In this modern era, scientists and environmentalists are concerned with preserving the planet Earth by using different forms of energy resources. The interest of scientists and environmentalists motivate them to wonder about the Nuclear energy as one of the most destructive energy resources of the world. For most, it is compulsory to stress that the attempts to understand the uses of nuclear energy are mainly based on assumptions. The genuine uses of nuclear energy, however, are still not applicable. Firstly, this is due to the high cost required for its investment. Secondly, it is affecting the international relationships all around the world. Lastly, it produces highly hazardous waste products, especially radiation. Nuclear energy is an unclean, non-renewable, expensive and dangerous energy resource.
Nuclear energy requires high cost for its investment, thus it is considered a very expensive energy resource when compared with other renewable energy resources. Initially, nuclear fusion power depends on a variety of elements, especially Uranium, for its production. The very first cost required for the production of nuclear energy is the cost of mining and transportation of these elements. The elements required for the preparations of nuclear energy even produce harmful radiations when exposed to the environment, thus a lot of money is involved in the security and protection facilities. After a lot of money has been spent on the elements necessary for energy production, a
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