Nuclear Sustainability : A Necessary Step For This Country

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Mason Estes Mr. Proodian Chemistry - Period 4 November 2, 2015 Nuclear Sustainability Increasing the use of Nuclear Power in the U.S is a necessary step for this country. The use of Nuclear power would substantially lower environmental pollution by diminishing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from popular and harmful fossil fuel energy sources such as coal, crude oil and natural gas. Some argue that the use of Nuclear power is too dangerous, but evidence shows that it is a safe way and efficient way to extract energy without disrupting our earth. Another argument against the use of Nuclear Power is the handling of the nuclear waste. In reality, ninety-six percent of the nuclear waste can be recycled and the amount of nuclear waste is a minuscule amount compared to the impact of fossil fuels. Nuclear power is a safe, environmentally friendly and effective way to obtain energy. The environmental impact of Nuclear power is mammoth, it is safe and productive even with Nuclear waste resulting from it. Concerning climate, it is necessary not only for the U.S to convert to Nuclear power, but also for major countries like China, India, North Korea and Russia in order to save our world. Nuclear power has many substantial environmental impacts such as producing no greenhouse gasses, requiring little amounts of material to produce large amounts of energy and lastly it’s waste is isolated instead of forced into the environment. Carbon Dioxide is the primary pollutant in our
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