Numerical concepts

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Imagine you are sitting in your office when a little child comes bouncing in to the room, filled with curiosity. They look around the room and begin to question everything they see before their eyes fall on a large bookshelf against the wall. The little child looks at the shelf in awe, and exclaims “There must be a million books there!” Most of us who have spent time with a little kid at some point have probably heard them over exaggerate when it comes to guessing the amount of something, but not all of us have considered why this might be. It is interesting that as a person looks at an item presented before them, they also have a concept of the amount in front of them, and this develops more and more with age. It is not innate. In…show more content…
The Sophomores averaged together also came closer to the actual amount than any other class, including those above it. How Much Candy? Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors 48 51 37 60 43 42 36 50 42 41 31 35 37 35 30 34 36 27 27 35 41 32.2 41.2 ACTUAL AMOUNT = 40 PIECES In the second replication of the study I was able to recruit 14 students. As the number for this replication was lower, the results may not be as accurate. The results of each student’s guesses are listed below, along with the averages for each year, that show the same irregular patter as the results above. How Many Stars? Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors 15 15 15 22 15 15 13 16 14 12 12 12 12 8 14 14 13.3 14.5 ACTUAL AMOUNT = 14 STARS The replication did not go as planned, according to my results there is little to no variation in a person’s numerical concept once they hit a certain age, and a certain amount of variation. As all students were between the ages of 18 and 25, this may have been a cause for the lack of variation between the years in education. The results to my replication did not show any increase in numerical concept from the year in college each student was in, leading to believe that the year you are in your college undergrad does not affect your
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