Nur/531-Impact of Policy in Healthcare and Nursing/Scarce Resource Article

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NUR/531-Impact of Policy in Healthcare and Nursing/Scarce Resource Article

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has just released a new study highlighting the steps 12 states are taking to prevent a looming crisis in nursing. Experts predict the United States could be short more than 260,000 nurses by 2025 and the study authors say state-level partnerships must take the lead in addressing the problem. The scarce supply and shortage of nursing staff has become a matter of sincere concern for healthcare organizations across the nation. The demand for healthcare services is increasing and requires healthcare organizations to employ qualified and well trained nursing staff.
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Possible solutions to the shortage crisis can include multi-state partnerships among community colleges and baccalaureate programs to bridge the gaps between programs offering associates and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degrees. Alliances of nursing programs from institutions around the state — including an alliance of rural programs — to share curriculum, administrative resources, faculty, admissions standards, and relying on Web-based instruction and mobile simulators to maximize reach; and a focused program of distance-learning, Web-based simulation and other approaches to overcome geographical challenges are possible solutions. The other initiatives include conduction of seminars and campaigns in order to spread awareness regarding the opportunities offered by the nursing profession (Huber, 2006). In February 2002, Johnson & Johnson launched the Campaign for Nursing's Future, a multimedia initiative to promote careers in nursing and polish the image of nursing. This multimillion dollar effort includes television commercials, a recruitment video, a Web site, brochures, and other visuals. The legislative measures constitute the increase in the funding for the development of the nursing
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