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As time goes by, with new researches and the IOM report, the focus of nursing has shifted dramatically with the education needs going along as well. In as much as one may argue that as time evolves, the images have changed from the perspective of “angel of mercy” from the stereotype as depicted as nurses being inferior to the physician. Hence, it is interested to note that views of the society impact on values, missions and goals of the professionally oriented nurse. And so, since the thought is that different people may view the image of a nurse quite differently, I thought that it would be interesting to hear the thoughts from different age group, of their images of the nurse. A survey questionnaire was prepared as below. …show more content…

I was able to ask the questions and interject some patient teaching in the midst. The interviewees gave opinion from different ages perspective and I could gather such data to determine the overall view of the image of the nurse. The different views to “what is your opinion of the nurse” gave that insight, overall, that they saw the nurse as someone involved in caring, that ensure medications were given; saw the nurse as the person who works closely with the doctor instead of being sub ornate to the doctor. All of them saw the nurse as being a positive figure in either their lives or the lives of their loved ones. They had no idea that the nurse could work with them as a doctor would and still able to give quality and trusting care. The IOM report states that every nurse should practice to the full extent of their education, holds true, when now earning a Master’s degree, begins the “stepping stone” towards getting that added certificate towards earning that added function ability to be the care giver and the added responsibility of being that member of the team of researchers. Today, nurses are venturing in different fields as Nurse leaders excel towards decision making and utilizing research utilization in molding the final product of great evidence based practice. It is because of opinion such as these, that channels the media into now depicting through T.V programs such as ER, to show new and improved image of nurses. The responses of the interviewers, depicted the nurse today as those who works more closely with patients and who ensures that they are safe, who introduces decreased cost when hospital visits are averted and decreased. Resulting from this, is the indirect contribution from nurses, that allows for a greater decrease in mortality rate, in morbidity rates, because the society see

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