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Self-Assessment of Informatics, Strength and Weaknesses
Hello Olga, I can relate with you stating that you underestimated your proficiency in informatics. I equally expected the self-assessment indicating very poor knowledge and skills in nurse informatics. But the results were quite encouraging. An organization I worked for offered classes for super users at the facility after paper charting was no longer in effect. Despite the fact that electronic health record (EHR) is meant to improve patient safety and provide and improve quality of care, users tend to encounter challenges with the system (Yuan, Bradley, & Nembhard, 2015). In this era, use of EHR has become a necessity in the healthcare system. Most of the seasoned and older nurses tend to have difficulty learning and adjusting to the new era of technology. The use of electronic health records is unavoidable as it has become a means of creating, storing and retrieving information pertinent to patient care (Samadbeik, Gorzin, Khoshkam & Roudbari, 2015). Some of the concerns expressed has been in relation to forgetting their password, inability to navigate through the system and the fear of losing information (Samadbeik et al., 2015).
Super users will help to close up the gap between these concerns that people may have. We had at least one super user trained in every unit depending on the …show more content…

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