Nurse Leader Role Analysis

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Nurse leaders role and responsibility
This context is taken from Leadership and communication Block 6 module 4:2 entitled; interactional leadership theories
A nurse leader must have ability to create good interaction between her, followers and environment
Organization of work which include adequate staffing, scheduling of duty good followers orientation and delegation of duty
There should be good relationship skills
She should be able to think critically in decision making and problem solving approach
There should be staff development through ward meetings, workshop and seminars
The nurse leader must be able to organize all of the above in a dynamic way that will be generally accepted and effective
5:1 personal concept A nurse start
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5.4 Current Research
There are clearly identified six elements of the Clinical Nurse leader’s role, which are all inter-related and need to be mastered. These are:
• Leadership and change
• Interdisciplinary relationships
• Knowledge transfer
• Outcomes management
• Clinician at the point of
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