Nurse Retention And Retention

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Many organizations have realized the key to their effectiveness lies in their ability to recruit and retain capable nurses. Retention is a process that should be started before a nurse is hired and needs to be continued until the nurse resigns.
Renewed attention has been directed at retention of nurses in a multigenerational workforce over the past 10 to 20 years (Palumbo et al., 2009). The turnover rate of a new graduate ranges from 22.6% to 60% in the first year (Mills & Mullins, 2008; Van Wyngeeren & Stuart, n.d.), the average age of the nurse is 45 years, and nurses begin to phase into retirement beginning at age 55 years.
In light of these facts, it is little wonder that nursing has begun to focus attention on expand¬ing retention programs beyond the promotion of job satisfaction, safety, respect, and financial security plans, and gain sharing (Palumbo et al., 2009) to the development of infrastructure services that meet the diverse needs of current employees. …show more content…

Today more than ever it is imperative that nurses and other health care workers experience a sense of community in the workplace because many spend more time at work than at any other single place.
General strategies commonly used for nurse retention of new and experienced nurses are identified in Box 20-2. According to a study conducted by Palumbo and colleagues (2009), although common retention expecta¬tions have been identified as important to nurses of all ages, several difference were noted related to the perceived significance of various retention strategies reported by generational groups (Box

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