Nurses Efforts To Quit Smoking

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I had a coworker nurse who had a 45-year-old African American male patient with low socioeconomic status and wanted to quit smoking. With every visit, patient would have a goal to quit smoking and with every next visit, he would have started to smoke. Instead of making any stereotype assumptions, nurse acknowledged the fact that she is glad he had tried to quit smoking and letting him know, the more he tries to quit, the more likely he will succeed. Also, she asked if there were any barriers that prevents him from stopping to quit smoking. Then, she found out that everyone at patient home have been smoking and makes him harder to quit. She discussed other possible strategies to quit smoking. Hence, nurse made a choice by providing compassionate and caring as she would be toward any other person. …show more content…

110). The thing that I particularly appreciate about this nurse is that she was unbiased, acknowledged patient efforts and obstacles in quitting smoking, provided reassurance, and started working with the patient to solve his problem. Thus, nurse have discovered self by understanding one’s purpose using response and reflection process; this process of response and reflection are the authentication process of the personal knowing ((Chinn, & Kramer, 2010, p. 112). From this person, I have learnt that nurses who are authentic and genuine, understand and embrace their responsibility to treat each person with respect. Genuineness is involved when there is the therapeutic use of the self, which means understanding self and not changing attitudes based on the stereotype assumptions (Chinn, & Kramer, 2010, p.

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