Nursing Burnout

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Quality Improvement Project By RM January 2016 Leadership and Management Executive Summary Nursing burnout is serious and in order to ensure that nurses are taken care of, the administration must implement incentives and policies that will provide nurses with the resources to maintain a healthy work life balance. Burnout accounts for many of the medication errors and patient injuries in healthcare facilities. Most nurses are overwhelmed because of the caseload and longer workdays necessary to complete charting. Many nurses are also disgruntled because of denied vacation requests that cannot be approved because of non-coverage. Research has shown that when employees are happy then there are less errors and injuries in …show more content…

With the strategies discussed in this project, many nurses can stop feeling overwhelmed and maintain a healthy work life balance and at the same time keep the facility within the budget. Introduction With the increasing injuries and errors in healthcare facilities, strategies must be implemented to combat this the battle of nursing burnout. Many issues in healthcare are a result of overwhelmed employees as a result of increased caseloads and staffing shortages. Many nurses are not able to maintain a healthy work life balance and it’s necessary to resolve these issues if nurses are to provide quality care to the patients. Staffing and schedules must be catered to meet the needs of the unit and at the same time not leave the nurses exhausted and stressed. Vacations could be honored with better use of the float RN’s by using temporary staffing for chronic long term vacancies. Meetings should occur during the shift and not before or after. Incentives need to be given to those employees that engage in healthy activities such as healthy eating and exercise. Employee recognition should be increased and employees need to feel appreciated with things such as athletic event tickets, lunch vouchers, gift cards, etc. Many things can be done that are not costly to the

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