Nursing Care Case Studies

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20. Analyzes and interprets initial assessment findings and collaborates with the client in developing approaches to nursing.
My client was weak, had tremors and was perspiring excessively and was disoriented. The client was almost unresponsive. I checked the blood glucose level and it was low. I immediately gave him oral glucose, check his other vital signs and stayed with him until the symptoms were gone. He was later frequently monitored. I assisted my client to take control of his health by preventing hypoglycemia from recurring. He was told that he needs to eat meals at the correct times. He was to have his blood glucose level checked thirty minutes before meals and at bedtime. He was to follow his meal plan. Administer the correct type …show more content…

My client wanted to look at different approaches to care for COPD. He was shown how to breathe using pursed-lip breathing and the use of abdominal muscle. He was shown deep breathing and cough exercise and the use of incentive spirometry. He was encouraged to stop smoking. He was also referred to the physiotherapist to assist with alternative care.

28d Collaborates with the client to develop a plan of care by: establishing priorities of nursing care.
My client and I will develop a plan by establishing our priorities to relief the bronchial constriction. Our first action is to keep the airways open and unobstructed, we will then maintain optimal gas exchange, the client will then be educated on how to lower and manage atelectasis.

28e Collaborates with client to develop a plan of care by: identifying expected outcomes.
The expected outcome that we expect is that the airway is and free of secretions and breath sounds are clear. ABG and pulse oximetry are within range and that the client remains calm and is able to do pulmonary exercise.

30 Plans to incorporates the determinants of health in all aspects of …show more content…

In a group setting or home setting clients, family and friends can have work shop on healthy diets. What to eat and how much to maintain good health. A walking club can also be introduced. Clients who smoke will be educated in the dangers of smoking and encouraged to quit. Parents will be encouraged to have their children vaccinated. They will be educated on the benefits and side effects of the vaccines. Hand washing will be emphasized and encouraged.
In preventing injury clients in the hospital or long term care facility will be oriented to the environment. Call bell will be placed within reach and demonstrate how to call for help. If clients get dizzy when getting up due to orthostatic hypotential they will be taught methods on how to decrease the dizziness. Clients will be refered to physical therapy for strengthening exercises and for ambulation and transfer and occupational therapy for ADLs. In the home setting the environment will be accessed for safety e.g. clutter free, remove rugs for impaired mobility, remove hazardous material like knives, matches, household cleaning agents, medication from children and clients with dementia etc. I will always be on guard on ways to prevent injury and

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